Modern school portraits you'll want to frame.

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School Portraits are a Tradition

Children grow up so quickly.  And this generation, the most photographed in history, has almost no printed pictures of themselves. Swiping through 100 cell phone photos is not as satisfying as a single printed image that you can hold in your hand, place in an album, frame on your desk, send to Grandma, or hang on your fridge.  

But school portraits have a bad rep: icky blue back grounds, neon lasers, plastic combs, and stilted smiles.  

School Portraits by Lisa wants to bring back the simple beauty of a well-crafted school portrait--making you a hero to the parents you serve, and creating beautiful mementos of the fleeting years of childhood.

Our kids’ school photos are the only printed photos we get of them all year! We’d be sunk without them.
— parent at Natick preschool

Our school portraits won't be like those you remember from your childhood.  We specialize in casual, artful, and modern portraiture for children and families, and we bring that aesthetic to our school portrait clients.  Only at lightening fast speeds.

School Portrait Style & Quality

Portraits by Lisa will ensure your school has gorgeous school portraits that will impress parents and make you look like a star!

Portraits by Lisa focuses on faces and personalities.  We never ask kids to put down their blankies or favorite toys.  We think that laughter, goofy grins, cowlicks, and serious but serene faces are gorgeous.  We don't ask kids to say cheese, we ask them to look at us and let us capture how perfect they look at just as they are.  

Our school photos are a record of this precise moment in time.  Portraits by Lisa never asks kids to "say cheese" we try for photos that let you see your child's personality and beauty--because they are only this age once and you need a record.

Portraits by Lisa prints on archival papers with inks that will last for over 100 years.  Each photo is individually edited for optimal quality and beauty.

Stress Free School Picture Day

Portraits by Lisa takes pride in providing a flexible and stress-free school picture day.  

  1. We will consult with your school to determine the optimal schedule for capturing all of your students. Often two days are required.
  2. We will work with you to determine the best way to schedule the classes on the picture days.
  3. We can provide emails for you to send to parents to let them know about the school portrait process and what to expect.

Some children are shy or ambivalent about school photos.  Although we try very hard to capture every child, we will never force a child who is uneasy.  However, we are not above bribing them with stickers, begging, or making fools of ourselves to help them feel comfortable.

Packages & Pricing for School Pictures

School portraits are booked and shot at no cost to the school.  

All portrait packages are fully customizable by parents--they determine number and size of portraits.  There is no pre-ordering required & no cost at all to the school.

Portraits by Lisa coordinates with you on picture day to capture every child and each classroom in a group photo.  

All proofing is done on line and there is no obligation to purchase a school picture.  Order forms are provided to your school by Portraits by Lisa.  Packages are fully customizable by parents--they choose the number of portraits, the size and the pose they want.  Many parents also want the digital negatives, which are also available for purchase.  

Each teacher and the school's office receive a complimentary class photo.   

I heard that they were taking pictures at school and I thought, ‘he’ll NEVER sit still—they’ll get nothing.’ And then they said that the photos would be outside and I expected a running blur across the frame, but THESE—you could use these photos in a magazine!
— happy mom, Needham, MA

These photos are amazing—you always seem to capture each child in such a happy, natural way!

Thank you so much! You are fantastic & I know that the parents are going to love them!
— Lexington Preschool Director