School Portraits Can be a Modern Tradition 

How cute are the children in your school? How hard do you strive to make them and their parents happy every day? You know how much parents love to see beautiful portraits of their children. Helping you make families happy and give parents these keepsakes, while showing off your students, is the role of School Portraits by Lisa.

School Portraits by Lisa wants to modernize the school portrait--my goal is to make you look like a hero to the parents you serve while creating beautiful mementos of the fleeting years of childhood.

These school portraits won't be like those you remember from your childhood--or experienced in the past.  Portraits by Lisa specializes in spirited, casual, and modern portraiture for children and families, and I bring that aesthetic to my school portrait clients.  No icky blue back grounds, neon lasers, plastic combs, or stilted smiles here!   

Our kids’ school photos are the only printed photos we get of them all year! We’d be sunk without them.
— Parents at Natick preschool

This generation, the most photographed in history, often has almost no printed pictures of themselves. So, far from being obsolete, school portraits might be the single image to remember an entire year of indescribable cute, of awesome growth, of unnoticed changes, of long eyelashes and perfectly freckled cheeks--of looking JUST LIKE dad when he was four. I don't take the challenge lightly--and you'll see the difference.

Make sure that the parents at your school have the opportunity to purchase a photo they can hold in their hands, place in an album, frame for their desk, send to Grandma, or hang on the fridge.