Here's What Our Clients are Saying...

The photos were so amazing, I was seriously tempted to buy photos that were not even of my child!
— Mom in Cambridge

Lisa was so flexible & easy to work with & her photos are beautiful. The feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive!
— Director, child care center, Cambridge, MA

Lisa’s attitude made all the difference; it put the kids at ease—and we got beautiful portraits as a result
— child care provider

In the past picture day has been so stressful for the kids & the teachers, it was a nightmare. Last year some parents even ended up with photos of their kids crying. This was the most stress-free school picture day EVER!
— classroom teacher

Lisa—I have been trying for three years to get the photo of my twins that you were able to capture in just a few minutes. Thank you!
— ecstatic mom, Needham, MA

Can I use the kids’ school portrait for my Christmas card?
— mom to siblings at a Somerville preschool

The school picture that you took two years ago is still the best photo we have of our two kids. It’s on the wall in the entry way to our house and on the wall in my office.
— very happy dad in Needham, MA